'Engineered Art'
Golden Blades

Engineered Art Golden Blades is new in thought new in look and new in style for the art world to discover and behold, this work is of the mind and hand of Don Nowell Master Designer and Craftesman of 40 years. having learned from using his hands to build racing engines - toy trucks and a new Y2K designed Dental look , by building these items and others he has amassed a wealth of knowledge working in the design field that has enabled him to use this talent to create his very unique art sculptures. The metal parts are all cut and shaped on a Computer controlled machining center to aircraft specs off of Don's own hand drawn blueprints . With this machined process Don has has built his sculptures to have a very structured and busy look with the blades flaring out in the front and getting taller at the back at the same time looking through the slots that change with each blade.This art work says to you look at me more and when you do it keeps showing you more as you view it from different sides all the while it is glowing in the 24 kt gold finish or in the Black Granite finish for the understated look that is a in your eye complete engineered design experience.