There are a few steps involved  in designing & building the Engineered Art Sculptures, i start with a few sketches to come up with the right look for the item.Then i build a full size balsa wood mock up model to look at, as you look at the different views you will see if you need to make any changes to the size - shape etc. If it looks good i draw the blueprints for myself and the machine shop. The next step is to design the fixtures and tooling to hold the metal blades and other parts for cutting the shapes & drilling the holes in each blade and bottom leg. A fixture is a adapter plate that holds the 1/8" thick blade blank down to the milling machine table it is like a adjustable metal sandwich that holds the blade tight with no movement at all so the cutter can make a glass smooth cut , if the fixture moves at all the part will have a rippled edge that will not polish out. After the parts are cut & drilled its off to the metal polishing shop for a mirror finish and then on to the plating shop for the 24 kt gold plating. Once i get the plating back i unwrap all the parts and lay them out on a felt covered table in the order they go together so as not to make a mistake in the building up of the art work [ it is very important to have all your work areas covered so as not to put any marks in the gold finish ] Now the fun starts building up the sculptures.I have a few prints here to show some of the different types of items i have built along with my new art - 1/4 scale bikes and my new 1/16 scale model race cars that are in the works now 6 new cars in all.