Engineered Art Golden Wood sculptures are designed to showcase a beautiful piece of wood sitting on a 24 kt gold or a show chrome base. The wood has been cut in a trapezoid shape to have 11 sides each showing the colors and grain in a variety of patterns . It is just amazing that these great woods are hidden in a plain looking bark covered tree and now are just the greatest looking shapes to behold , what a fantastic transformation from a seed in the ground to being a very special art form.Having worked with wood in a few different ways , model airplanes starting at 10 years old wood shop in school and after school in a hobby shop selling balsa and working as a framer building custom homes in the mid 60s.I left woods for a few years working with metals in the racing game and my design shop and now i have the opportunity to put the two together with my new art work. Far as the shape goes it comes from the movement of wood starting with the wind blown tree to wood in the early ships - autos and airplanes that is why i put the 20 degree top angle to give the look of movement to keep the theme of wood and motion. I have hand picked 28 pieces of truly great wood ranging from California Redwood Burl to Tasmanian Resin Vein Eucalyptus Burl with the cork & chocolate color veining to the California Buckeye Burl showing in dark blue & grey with cream colors with this array of woods the client can pick a wood that they like and have it on a gold or the chrome base to fit their decor. Note, if you have a type of wood in mind and you do not see it on the thumbnails pages please contact me and i can try to locate the type of wood you would like to have on your sculpture, Don